To set up a piano tuning you can either click the services tab or contact us directly via calls, texts or use the contact us page.

Basic tunings are for those of you with solid tuning histories. An example would be something tuned within the last year or so.  Do not take anyone's word without documentation on previous tunings or fall for that old gimmick of it needs to be tuned after moving regarding whether the piano you are buying can be tuned.

You can download Pano Tuner to your phone to see if it's in the ballpark or not.  That app is fairly accurate.  5 to 20 cents flat is what you can expect to see on pianos not tuned in the last couple years. When you see 75 to 200 cents flat you are looking at an expensive proposition on tuning.  

Most of the antique upright pianos will have been originally tuned to A435 not A 440 as pianos are today so this is something to think about when you see those being given away.

We also do in home repairs by the hour which is not listed.  Those will be directly quoted in person and invoiced.