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Attention to Scammers:  We've seen a massive spike in scam calls and contacts. As well as scam jobs like fake pickups, fake moves with fake addresses and appointments to see pianos. Plus, my personal favorite fake COD deliveries.  All calls and texts are now screened by a screening company.
We are also not interested in “Exposure” free work.  This is common in the professional music industry promising exposure in exchange for merchandise. Exposure that doesn't exist. No thanks.
All no shows for appointments without calling will not be rescheduled.  No COD deliveries due to the above paragraph.
 Piano pickups at no charge in the Nashville area further out for something interesting or nicer.   You can text photos to 615 425 6238.
Requirements for pick up.  Note we are not a charity.  This is clearly written all over the website. We provide a very skilled service and that is picking up pianos professionally that will not cause property damage. We have 50 years of piano moving expertise in this field.
Not accepted:  Pianos from a smoking environment, anything left outside in the weather, on a dirt floor or had any water intrusion, pianos from house fires. No Spiders! nothing like driving along and having spiders running around the truck. So, anything with creepy bugs or spiders you can keep.  
Any other inquiries send the email below.

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