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Nashville Piano Rescue has relocated its base of operations to the Louisville Area mainly because it's just cheaper.  Most of the inventory however is still available to be seen in the Franklin TN area by appointment . We can still service Nashville and any other city within a 200 mile radius from Louisville KY and stay competitive.  Never ending escalation of commercial rent in Nashville TN has prevented us from properly serving our customers and now we are back on track for 2019
Please call or text us at 615 425 6238 for any questions.   Our list of services include Piano relocation both local and long distance , used piano parts, service, field service , full restorations or refurbishment, advice , refinishing and small non piano related moves or consulting on complex items that you are unsure how to move. 
We also have a pickup and delivery service that operates in the Louisville KY / Southern Indiana area which includes furniture or item assembly in home.

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