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We have shut down Nashville operations permanently as of April 15th 2019.  We are still doing regional moves and piano disposal work in Nashville but all the inventory, showroom and work shop has been relocated to Indiana.  There will also be a name change coming at some point and the phone number will be changed .  Obviously there is quite a bit to change on the website so you may find something that suggests we are still in the area. 
We specialize in Vintage Baldwin Pianos.
Our mission is to dust off unused and unwanted pianos and get them into the hands of people who will love and play them.
Services we provide  include piano disposal and recycling.  High Value Products moving which includes pianos.  Piano refurbishment for resale .
Piano pickup for disposal  rates are 200.00 per upright and 300.00 per grand piano within a 200 mile radius of Henryville Indiana . Many people say but we are giving you a piano why are you charging us ?  We are charging you to come pick it up, Fuel and professional employees, liability insurance, storage fees and taxes. . That is what you are paying for.  Pickups are scheduled after pre-payment non refundable deposit of 25.00 sent via invoice . We are doing it this way to compensate for the fraudulent fake pickups. Once we receive your deposit the work will be scheduled.
Piano Moves : Please see the piano moving tab for rates. We do two types of moves. Local ( within 50 miles of Henryville Indiana) and Regional ( between two major cities within our 200 mile radius)
Nashville Piano Rescue does not repair or service electric pianos or keyboards.  There is a 300 dollar re-stocking fee unless you are wanting a consignment on any returns which includes transportation.    
We are Federally licensed and insured to transport across state lines . USDOT 1828885 and our Motor Carriers ID is ICCMC 86014

Our Equipment

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