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What's new :  Two private by appointment / invitation only places to view our custom inventory in the Nashville / Franklin area.  Where you are directed depends on what your budget is as there are two different price points.  All pianos are sold wholesale only moving forward.  Meaning they are sold delivered only.  When we offered tunings no one was getting their pianos tuned in the timeline so we are just doing a tuner referral now. So basically you get a professionally cleaned , inspected, refurbished where needed refinished if in the description piano including ground floor delivery for the price listed.  Read all descriptions. 
For those of you in the Louisville KY / Southern Indiana area we have a 2000 sqft showroom of used pianos on the Indiana side of the river. We specialize in used Baldwin pianos and although not listed on the website we do have some grand pianos starting in the 1200 delivered range. Just depends on what has come in or gone out.  We also move pianos in the Louisville area.
Please go to the new FAQ tab and we will address the questions that we have been getting the last couple years
Nashville Piano Rescue  offers local and regional piano moving.  We have 40 years of claim free piano moving experience.  A few extra precautions ensure your piano will be well taken care of.  Please call or email for a quote.   Regional moves are based from Louisville Kentucky and go to Nashville direct . We are covering a 200 mile radius from Louisville. 
Restorations and Refinishing.  Our new shop is up and operating.   There are two Facebook pages.  Nashville Piano Rescue and Nashville Piano Rescue II . We do not do Instagram as we really don't have time.
We offer both traditional and non traditional  refinishing 
repair , field service , restoration or refurbishment as well as parts.
Nashville Piano Rescue  specializes in vintage Baldwin pianos.  We have a large selection of Acrosonics and the sought after 243 Studios.  If you need to see what is available in Nashville please use the contact us page or call / text.
Shells :  We have several new shells coming out and finally got our collapsible shell working .  So we will be offering a collapsible convertible shell to alter size and style as well as a harpsichord styled mini grand shell and a few others. 

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