Moving Rates

Nashville Piano Rescue offers piano moving services as well as delivery services, which includes estate sale pickups, riding lawn mowers, ATVS etc.
Piano Moving rates :
If you are calling around to get the best price or hoping that we will beat someone else's price we would prefer you didn't call us. You get what you pay for on cheap moves and our phone never stops ringing from people who have had their pianos damaged by other cheap movers looking for repairs.  . We've been claim free since 1965 and aim to stay that way.
Upright spinet which is 36 inches tall, within 50 miles of base of operations , 3 to 5 entry steps, no major hills or slopes, concrete walkways , ground floor only 150.00
Studio piano  45 to 48 inches tall  same parameters as above 175.00
Full upright  52 to 55 inches tall  same parameters as above 200.00
Full upright Player 52 to 55 inches  Same parameters as above 400.00
Grand Pianos :   3 legged grand less than 6 feet  not polyester ( high gloss plastic finish)  , 3 to 5 entry steps, ground floor only  275.00
Grands over 6 feet are quoted via photos only.
Square Grands :  400.00
Piano disposal as in we are picking it up for disposal , recycling only  200.00 upright , 300.00 grand piano.
We do not move pianos in inclement weather--this includes rain, snow and high winds due to our high profile vehicles.
Nashville Piano Rescue has been operating in the Nashville  - Southern Kentucky area since 2008 .  We have never had a moving related claim ever, not to property or  the products we move.  We've been in the high value products moving industry for 40 years . If you are looking for special care with high end equipment and skilled people you are at the right place. 
  • Stairs - Second floor carries add to the cost of moving because we need to hire additional labor. Charges can be waived if you want to provide the labor yourselves and agree to .  Upright Pianos above 42 inches tall are referred to another carrier.
  • High gloss clear or black finishes - these require enormous care when moving.  We will not move these types of pianos in the winter months. No exceptions.
  • Inaccessible properties including steep driveways, paver driveways, dangerous stairs, low overhangs, or limited access.

EQUIPMENT :  We use professional moving equipment such as non-marring ramps and grey rubber dollies that are hardwood floor friendly. We protect your tile and sandstone. 

TRUCKS :  All our trucks are USDOT/ MC compliant, meaning we have the additional required by insurance regulation Form BMC 91 X . All the trucks are lettered on 3 sides as required by law.  They are also equipped with rail type lift gates.