Moving Rates

Nashville Piano Rescue operates regionally within a 200 mile radius of Louisville KY.  This covers the following cities . Nashville TN , Louisville KY, Lexington KY, Indianapolis IN, Jeffersonville IN, Owensboro KY, Elizabethtown KY, Bowling Green KY  Cincinnati OH.    We have a temperature controlled cargo area and do express regional runs between two cities on the list or local moves
Use the contact us form or simply text us at either 615 425 6238   for a piano moving quote
Shrink Wrap and why we don't use it :  Polyester finishes are easily scratched by almost anything . Placing a pad on the surface then tightly squeezing a moving pad to it can leave the thread to scratch your piano.  We get lots of calls to do repair estimates by insurers where a carrier has damaged a surface using shrink wrap.  Any tiny particle in a moving pad will become an issue. 
  • Stairs - Second floor carries add to the cost of moving because we need to hire additional labor. Charges can be waived if you want to provide the labor yourselves and agree to .  Upright Pianos above 42 inches tall are referred to another carrier.
  • High gloss clear or black finishes - these require enormous care when moving.  We will not move these types of pianos in the winter months. No exceptions.
  • Inaccessible properties including steep driveways, paver driveways, dangerous stairs, low overhangs, or limited access.

EQUIPMENT :  We use professional moving equipment such as non-marring ramps and grey rubber dollies that are hardwood floor friendly. We protect your tile and sandstone. 

TRUCKS :  All our trucks are USDOT/ MC compliant, meaning we have the additional required by insurance regulation Form BMC 91 X . All the trucks are lettered on 3 sides as required by law.  They are also equipped with rail type lift gates.