If your piano is not working properly, it could be because mice have stored the entire neighborhoods walnuts under the keys. This is an actual piano we picked up that didn't play anymore. Pianos need periodical cleaning.

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Welcome to the new homepage. 
Here are a couple of updates: The piano inventory has been broken up into two parts. For Sale A and For Sale B.  A is a limited pick of the litter that will be in Nashville by appointment only to see. B is the entire rest of the inventory that has been moved back to Kentucky to long term storage. 
Piano pickups are no longer free due to people scheduling fake pickups.  Piano removal fee is 200.00 and again this is a professional service 48 years of claim free piano moving experience. This fee can be waived if you have something newer that looks good. Send us detailed photos.
Paid Services Offered: Piano Moving, Professional packing, Furniture assembly, Pickup and Delivery services from estate sales, home centers, furniture stores. Basically, anything too big to fit in your vehicle.
Free Services Offered:   Industrial and Commercial cleanouts, Estate cleanouts (this can also be things left behind after estate sales that didn't sell). Certain types of junk removal (send photos).
Senior and Military discounts:  Expect to receive 20% off on anything we sell.
Other items we stock include piano parts, hardware including large wood screws and assorted odd ball metal parts removed from pianos, piano keys, scrapped piano actions, reclaimed hardwood for furniture building, Reclaimed Sitka spruce from old soundboards.

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