Local Piano Tuners

Piano tuning typically involves the Piano strings, Tuning pins, Piano pin block and the bridges.  That is normally what a tuner is responsible for or works with during a tuning.
If you want Piano Tech work other than tuning like repairs, dropped keys, Sticking keys, Piano cleanings, Key top replacement or service calls on any piano related repair call us and we will shoot you a price. 
Please call us at 615 425 6238  Or email us through the contact us page for our referral list of piano tuners available in the area.
Lane Kiefling  Piano Tuner 615 336 2301 

Nashville Piano Rescue will not refer any tuners associated with DEALER KICKBACKS.  If you want your piano tuned without hearing the typical nonsense that dealer associated tuners will tell you like it's too old to be tuned or you need a new one then contact us for a tuner that doesn't participate in these questionable practices.