Piano Pickups/Legal

Piano Pick up rates for disposal or recycling are as follows.  Any upright is 200.00 and any 3 legged grand piano is 300.00.  Square grands ( 4 legs) are 400.00.


We need the following information when calling us to schedule a pickup.  How many steps exiting the home.  ?  We do not take any pianos down from the second floor of a house.  You will have to get it to the ground floor first then call us at 615 425 6238 for the pickup.


All piano pickup payments are paid in advance due to people stiffing us at the pickup location.  So you will be invoiced and before anything is scheduled that will have to be paid up front.


Nashville Piano Rescue does not buy pianos locally.  


Again the pick up requirements are as follows: No Mirror Top or Cut Down Pianos, these have been structurally altered and are unsafe to move. No pianos stored outdoors or in damp wet moldy areas, nothing previously water damaged. No insect contamination, evidence of mouse droppings, interior or exterior corrosion ( rust) or pianos stored in a barn with a dirt or gravel floor, this can also include old pianos coming out of old homesteads where they have been abandoned and unheated for years. Pianos that are left outside or pushed outside into the driveway prior to pickup will not be picked up.

We can be reached 7 days a week at the 615 425 6238 number.  Pick ups are generally scheduled from 10 am to 7 pm , 7 days a week, however we prefer non rush hour day time hours.