This page was created to show the extreme work that goes into disposing of pianos that have not been cared for.  We get many calls from people wanting us to simply donate pianos or the callers want to donate a piano .  Well if it hasn't been tuned in over 2 years or properly stored it will more than likely need to be disposed of and that is why we have started charging fees.

It costs a LOT of money to dispose of pianos due to their extreme weight.  Time is also a factor.  We cant simply warehouse these things waiting on someone to come along that wants something.  Everyone in business has costs and due to the dangers of a heavy piano falling on someone or doing property damage not to mention fuel and labor costs we have to charge for our time. 

Bottom line is that your " donated non functional , out of tune piano"  isn't really a donation.  Its a headache for whoever you want to donate it to which will cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair again.  Institutions like schools and Churches simply do not have the budgets to get this done.