Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

1) Is Nashville Piano Rescue a charity?   No, it is not, and the name refers to rescuing.  The logo itself features a medical cross like that of an ambulance and that is the way it has always been viewed since started in 2008.

2) Will I get a tax receipt for my piano?  Again, we are not a 501 3C so we do not give out tax receipts.

3) You are getting pianos for free why are you selling them?

  Well, we get some pianos for free, and we buy some.  If you are wanting a free piano, we will send you directly to the people giving it away and cut ourselves right out of it, but you probably won't show up and most people are on a timeline.  In 2017 we ran an ad for three months giving away over 2000 pianos when we downsized.  Of that number only about ten parties showed up and rest went to the dump. In 2021 when the Indiana shop was closed, we ran a similar ad and within a couple days everything was picked up but not by the public as they were all dealers.

Again, giving away a free piano seems to be more about us getting it, doing all the work then bringing it to you free instead of you going and getting it for free.  Huge difference there.  This is what we do for a job, do the work and sell something to pay bills. Same as every other thing that is sold in the world.

4) Why do people give pianos to Nashville Piano Rescue?  Normally this is due to loss of interest or the dread of having to move them again. We have 50 years of piano moving expertise and have solved just about every issue when it comes to safely getting an unwanted piano out.

5) What will happen to my piano after it is picked up?  That depends on the condition.  95% of the pianos picked up need work.  We do that work on the ones that are worth working on, then they are mainly marketed to songwriters or music studios.  Some go to dealers, and some go to the public.

6) What forms of payment do you accept.   As of Jan 1 2022 it is cash or check.  Items above 1500.00 have to be cashiers check.  No third party checks. We do not accept credit cards, cryptocurrency, apple pay / venmo, octo-pay  or farm animals.

7)  Do you have any social media presence?   Barely.  There is a Facebook page and while we have insta-gram we rarely have time to update any of it.

8)  Why is Nashville Piano Rescue in Kentucky?

  Our original building was destroyed in the 2010 Nashville flood and seeing the writing on the wall we couldn't find a large enough replacement.  The decision to move to Kentucky was made after that.  Cheaper than Nashville yet still close.

9)  I noticed some pages on your website have been taken down why is that?   We've removed the moving tips page and tuner referral page due to liability issues.  We have also closed several " doors" in the last couple years like moving towards wholesale to dealer only, less public interaction, brokering, moving of specialty items that no one else knows how to get moved.  Things like that.

10) Owners thoughts on online reviews:

Used to really be concerned about online reviews until it was realized that we do not have to prove anything to anyone. Upon clearing out the big warehouse in 2017 it was established that over 1.6 million dollars worth of free work was done previously. Whether it be free stuff to those that wanted it or pickups or doing all kinds of projects with Vanderbilt, pianos in the city streets projects all over, donating time and parts to art schools whatever. It's kind of funny how truly " free" work is kicked over to Nashville Piano Rescue from other " new" dealers that are called first .  What is up with that ?  

There are three types of people who write reviews. Disgruntled people write bad reviews yet do not call about warranties?  Why not?  Happy people don't write reviews and then there are the people who sell reviews.  Whether this is a corporation that sells and writes them or even worse those that extort businesses for positive reviews an example of this would be "  Hey I'll write a positive review if you give me 50% off".  

Bottom line is this is a no nonsense establishment.  Paying for reviews is nonsense.