Who we are

It's that time of year again for Nashville Piano Rescue's HOLIDAY Sale.
Which will run from now until New Years day 2016. Buyers can save 10% and enjoy low KY sales tax!!!

NASHVILLE PIANO RESCUE ™ is a different type of music store, we basically save good decent used pianos from early demise whether it be from storage or from people who will never play them. We have over 90 years of experience, an enormous logistical networking base and go out to find these pianos in other areas, mainly in the north, Midwest and western states, we try to avoid instruments from the high humidity southern states. We prefer to deal with Vintage American Made Pianos 1880 - 2004. Please see our new FAQ page with some great questions that we often get asked repeatedly!

The idea is to get affordable pianos into the hands of area musicians without breaking the bank. Our customers are working class people who have been told in the past that they should settle for less because of budget or enter into a finance agreement which will cause a financial hardship on a family. Since we do not sell or want to sell new pianos we cannot be influenced by anyone to keep prices high. Pricing is based on average median income of what our target customer can afford. The days of hearing you should settle for a 3 octave battery powered keyboard are over.

*** STORE HOURS** Franklin, KY store hours are by appointment only. The store is located on the Historic Square in Franklin, KY. Typically you will find pianos from 750.00 which does include ground floor delivery up to a 50 mile radius with 3-5 entryway steps. 

NASHVILLE PIANO RESCUE offers free pickup of unwanted pianos under 45 inches tall if an upright or 3 legged grand piano (large uprights over 47 inches tall have a disposal fee of 300.00 , Square Grand Piano disposal fees are 500.00). Please see Piano Pick-ups for what we will accept and what we won't. We do not pick up pianos left outdoors prior to pick ups, also the piano must be from a smoke free home. We do not work in high winds or on rainy days. We do not do last minute pick ups. We would also appreciate that you exhaust all other possibilities for getting rid of your unwanted piano PRIOR to contacting us as although this is a free service we do a tremendous amount of planning in advance and showing up to find your piano gone elsewhere can be an issue.

*** Will Nashville Piano Rescue*** buy my piano? We do buy pianos but only from Northern States and they must meet the following criteria. Must have a recent inspection done by a qualified piano technician less than 30 days old. And be able to show a bi-annual tuning history. The must also have documentation proving ownership and be stored in a climate controlled environment.
All Piano Sales made from the Franklin Kentucky Retail Location on the Historic Square include the following:  Online price already includes the 6% KY sales tax and local ground floor delivery (within 50 miles radius, including Nashville), which includes 3-5 entry way steps.

FRANKLIN KENTUCKY STORE : on the Historic Square, open seven days of the week, by appointment only. No sales tax at all on food if coming up on a shopping day trip. Only 40 minutes north of Nashville.  Address is 112 West Kentucky Avenue.  See the Kentucky store tab on top of the homepage for updated inventory. Private viewings can be made 7 days a week by calling 615 425 6238

*** PIANO PICK- UP's *** We will pick up pianos either studios or grands (no uprights over 45" tall at this time) at no cost provided there are no flights of stairs involved and they are from a smoke free home.  We frequent Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY on a regular basis so if you have something you would like us to pick up, the easiest thing to do is contact us through the contact us tab of this website or you can call 615 425 6238  and/or send us a text with photo to that same number and schedule a pick up.

PRICING :   Low Overhead is Key to providing Value in Today's Market.  We like to say that our Kentucky Delivery is on a Courtesy Basis and not just a Free Service.  Mainly due to the fact that it is not easy, we don't want to see inexperienced people moving our pianos. Prices are essentially based on our investment, where it came from, if it was shipped from overseas, Canada, off a mountain top etc. What was directly involved, labor, repair and logistics wise to getting it here. We do not base prices on Speculation of what everyone else is doing. 

STAGE SHELLS :  See the piano shell tab , we will be offering collapsible shells and building our own road-cases in all popular colors out of the Franklin, Kentucky re-building shop beginning in 2016.
DELIVERY:  Delivery is only available on pianos sold from the Franklin Kentucky store.  This covers a 50 mile immediate radius of 42134 but we also cover all of Metro Davidson, Williamson and Parts of Rutherford at no additional cost.
DELIVERY RADIUS: We will be adding a map to the website that will show the delivery areas. If you are not sure, then call our number at 615 425 6238 .

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about your piano, need a part or refinishing, need advice, email me and I will tell you the best course of action to take. We've been at this a very long time so we may have the simple solution. We are also updating the parts tab regularly with all kinds of out of production piano parts, related items for interior designers etc.

Our Equipment

See a Painted piano get refinished


If you are looking for hard to find parts or have a broken part in a piano action contact us with a picture. We will probably have a replacement and if not we can make some parts from scratch in the shop. We will be offering a line of custom made piano repair tools soon as well.  Some of the repair parts we have are as follows: Single pedals, many parts houses only sell sets of 3 while we will sell just the one you need, Screws and Fasteners:  Most new screws today are low quality made in China and will probably break putting them in. Casters, rods, springs, wood parts, hinges etc.

We have 75 +/- year old high Quality German steel or American made screws/bolts  in sizes that are no longer available, Watch the store page as we will be listing packages of these screws there soon.

Used Sound Boards :  We have used sound boards for you guitar repair / rebuilder guys.  Great for making new guitar lids/backs  all vintage and seasoned 50 year old +

Recommended Local Venues

If you want to catch a great show please visit the Street Theater Company at: 1931 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN, 37210. This is Just  west of the Briley Parkway/Elm Hill Pike Exit.

Please click on the link below to access their up and coming shows and information.  Please help support local Artists and Venues.



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