Moving Rates

Please call us at 615 425 6238 for a moving quote.  Have the following information ready. Do you have stairs involved or steps out of or into the home at each location. We do not charge mileage unless it is over 50 miles.  What type and size of  of piano are we moving.  How tall is the upright and how long is the grand piano?   Grand or Upright.  Baby grands are no longer babies above 5.5 feet.  Certain sizes require special care.   We ask size to calculate weight . The formula is basically 150 pounds per foot in height on an upright and 10 pounds per inch of length on a grand.  These numbers are pretty accurate. 

If you are calling around to get the cheapest price on a move we can save you the time and request you just get someone else.  We have not had a claim on a move in over 50 years so you get what you pay for.   We do not loan out moving equipment for the DIY crowd but can give you a referral for that.

Lastly we do not do insurance repairs on other movers damage.  We will not " come out and fix it " on your truck  before the customer sees it type of thing and we do not offer blank invoices for shady insurance claims.

RAIN : We do not move
or the 50 MILE RADIUS and on 3-5 entryway steps. Any additional steps or access to the entryway that is not easily obtainable may necessitate an additional charge.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR THE FOLLOWING  :  Any POLYESTER FINISHES,  Any piano with high gloss clear or black require enormous care when moving.  We do not move these types of pianos in the winter months. No Exceptions.

STAIRS:  Second floor carries add to the cost of moving because we need to have additional labor to get it up there. Charges can be waived if you want to provide the labor yourselves.  Upright Pianos above 42 inches tall are referred to another carrier.

INACCESSIBLE YARDS :  Driveways that are straight up or straight down, Moss covered stairs, Low wires or TREEs, Having to lay plywood out to roll a piano through the grass to get in or through the neighbors yards.  There may or may not be a charge for this type of extra service.

EQUIPMENT :  Nashville Piano Rescue uses only the best moving equipment available, such as non marring grey rubber dollies that are wood floor friendly. Our ramps that we place on your front walkways are non marring, we do protect tile and sandstone.  We do not drive onto paver driveways and our trucks do not leak oil.

TRUCKS :  All our Trucks are USDOT/ MC Compliant, Meaning we have the additional insurance required by the regulation. Form BMC 91 X . All the trucks are lettered on 3 sides as required by law.  They are also all equipped with Rail Type Lift Gates which are the safest for lifting heavy items.